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Socializing and eating at meeting
Random access, socializing and eating

Members will discuss their computer questions and problems, and give help to each other on Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 9, 2014, 6 p.m., at Coco’s Bakery Restaurant, 1011 N. Harbor Blvd., in Fullerton, California. Meetings end at 9 p.m.


Please support Coco's by ordering a nice dinner or dessert and enjoy eating during the meeting. More info at www.orcopug.org

Do you know what CPU means?

CPU is an acronym for Central Processing Unit, which is the chip that is often referred to as the "brain" of a computer.


"CPU" is often used to incorrectly refer to the entire computer itself or the desktop box. In reality, the term CPU specifically refers to an integrated circuit or "chip" that resides on or is connected to the computer's motherboard inside. This and more glossary terms by Leo Notenboom are at The Ask Leo! Glossary

Top and bottom of different CPU chips
photos by "D-Kuru/Wikimedia Commons"

CPU chips - front and back
A past Windows preview presentation
Windows 9 preview set for September 30

Microsoft's Windows 9, Threshold, the successor to the widely panned Windows 8, could be shown at the end of month, according to a new report. It will preview the features and isn't a general release. Photo: The Verge

MiniBin screenshot
Free app shows vital info in system tray

Inexplicably, the Windows 8.1 Recycle Bin does not show the total file space used! A free, small app, MiniBin, shows you how much space the Recycle Bin is using, not just the space it's allotted. For Windows 7 & up.

Computer America graphic

Enjoy the granddaddy of computer shows

Computer America, with Craig Crossman, is the longest running, nationally syndicated radio talk show about computers. Plus watch live streaming video interviews, chat with hosts and members, read free newsletter.
COMPUTER users are Talking about...
Google glass wearer
Internet-connected devices unknown to 87%

For us who work with or have an interest in technology, it's very easy to forget that our understanding of the "internet of things" is the exception rather than the rule. Also, 36 percent of consumers cite a lack of perceived value for Internet-connected devices as the main barrier to purchase, more than any other reason, knocking cost and even privacy.
Photo by Antonio Zugaldia, Creative Commons License.

laptop connected to world through the internet
Our broadband Internet access is not
as good as It could be, says Ira Wilsker
Many of us Americans, believing that we are the biggest and best in everything technical, would be shocked to find out how low our country ranks in average available internet speeds. Globally, the average internet user connects to the internet at an average speed of 3.9 Mbps, but South Korea has the fastest average internet connection speed of 23.6 Mbps. The United States ranked 12th with average connection speeds of 10.5 Mbps, and 17th in average peak connection speeds at 40.6 Mbps. (Read complete Ira Wilsker article in PDF)
solar charger and iPad
Review: Waka Waka, on-the-go solar gadget charger

The Waka Waka Power is a durable, lightweight and compact solar charger which charges virtually any type of smartphone or small electronic device in just a few hours. Completely charges an iPhone 5s in 2 hrs. Also provides up to 150 hours of safe, sustainable light. Three light settings from 5 to 75 lumen. 12 hours in sun fully charges battery. You can see it in a short video here.