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Socializing and eating at meeting
Random access, socializing and eating

Members will discuss their computer questions and problems, and give help to each other on Tuesday, November 11, 2014, 6 p.m., at Coco’s Bakery Restaurant, 1011 N. Harbor Blvd., in Fullerton, California. Meetings end at 9 p.m.


Please support Coco's by ordering a nice dinner or dessert and enjoy eating during the meeting. More info at www.orcopug.org

Do you know what Bandwidth means?

Bandwith is simply the speed or the rate at which digital data can be transferred, typically measured in bits-per-second (bps – all lower case). Thus a a gigabit ethernet connection might be said to have a maximum bandwidth of 1 gigabit per second, or 1gbps.

Technically the term is a misnomer, since there's no real "width" associated with computer bit speeds or information consumption. The term originates in radio where a transmission said to be at a particular frequency actually spreads into frequencies immediately nearby as well. The frequency and the "width" of that spread defines the "band" that the transmission occupies. In both cases, higher or larger bandwidth implies a capacity to carry information.


.This and more glossary terms by Leo Notenboom are at The Ask Leo! Glossary Click here to try your own Speed Test

bandwidth test
Singing at coffee shop
To find the song name,
just sing or hum

Have a song stuck in your head, but can’t think of the name?

Midomi.com allows you to sing or hum the song into your computer or cellphone and the website will find it. (Thanks to Tony Lake.)

Kindle Fire screen on
Kindle Fire Reset: When it won't turn on, charge, or is stuck

Sometimes when Kindles lock up — the screen goes dark, either gray or black. It just looks like it's off when in fact your Kindle Fire is on, but is stuck. Read how to reset and other remedies.

windows 10 products
Our Complete Guide to Windows 10
The Start button made its return to Windows with the 8.1 update, an acknowledgement of “we messed up” from Microsoft. The menu doesn't obscure your entire screen, is customizable and can be sized to your liking.
COMPUTER users are Talking about...
Turn oranges into apples! Convert email formats into several other formats

DON'T leave your old emails locked up in proprietary formats! Convert EML and MSG files to: doc, html, html4/5, jpg, pdf, rtf, tiff, or txt. Fast, easy, FREE!

Files which have an .eml extension are email messages which have been created by email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or Eudora. Files with a .msg extension are email messages which have been exported from Microsoft Outlook into a proprietary binary format, which can make them difficult to read if you don’t have the software to open them.
You can also get free conversion support for these formats: Document, Image, Music, Video, e-Book, Compressed, and CAD.

Credit card offered at retail merchant's
Ira Wilsker: With All of the Media Reports About Massive Data Breaches, What Can WE Do?
AS we approach the peak shopping season of the year, many of us have some rational suspicions or fears about using our credit and debit cards at local and national businesses, as well as online. In the back of our minds may be the nagging doubt, "Will this card information be stolen?"

According to the Consumerist, " Here’s a cheerful thought: there is absolutely nothing that you can do about this situation. Individual consumers are pretty much powerless to prevent retail hacks." That does not mean that we as individuals are totally helpless, or that we must accept some degree of victimization. (Click on the link and read Ira's entire column in PDF format.)
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