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Socializing and eating at meeting
Random access, socializing and eating

Members will discuss their computer questions and problems, and give help to each other on Tuesday, OCTOBER 14, 2014, 6 p.m., at Coco’s Bakery Restaurant, 1011 N. Harbor Blvd., in Fullerton, California. Meetings end at 9 p.m.


Please support Coco's by ordering a nice dinner or dessert and enjoy eating during the meeting. More info at www.orcopug.org

Do you know what Top-Level Domain means?

A top-level domain (or TLD) is that portion of a domain name that appears at the end. For example, “.com” is a top-level domain, as are “.net”, “.org”, “.edu” and so on.


Until recently the top-level domains were restricted to a set of common domains (“.com” and so on), and country-specific top-level domains such as “.ca” for Canada, “.uk” for the United Kingdom, and so on. Changes implemented in recent years have opened up the domain name space to “generic” top-level domains (gTLD) just about any term as a top-level domain, so we’ll soon be seeing things like “.guru”, “.buy”, “.bargain” and so on.


.This and more glossary terms by Leo Notenboom are at The Ask Leo! Glossary

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web pages tracked as they are opened
Do Not Track - Universal Web Tracking Opt Out

Much like the popular Do Not Call registry, Do Not Track provides users with a single, simple, persistent choice to opt out of third-party web tracking. It signals a user’s opt-out preference with a simple technology completely compatible with the existing web.

Bill Gates says 'Control+Alt+Delete' Was a Mistake

"We did some very clever things" when developing the PC," said Bill Gates. "But Control+Alt+Delete was not one of them." Gates went into detail about the command in a speech at Harvard last year.

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Lifecycles for All Win Versions Revealed
Rumor says Windows 7 is "finished next year." Not true. Although support for Win 7 stops on January 13, 2015, you'll still be able to use it safely for 5 more years. See Microsoft's fact sheet for other end-of-support dates.
COMPUTER users are Talking about...
Windows 10 on all devices
MS Announces Windows 9, but Names it Windows 10

Microsoft officially announced the next version of Windows, which was expected to be called Windows 9, or maybe Windows One, or even maybe just Windows. But it’s Windows 10. Microsoft realized that desktop users really were unhappy with Windows 8, and this version of Windows focuses on using the desktop. It aims to unify everything together in one platform and one store for everything across all devices. Windows 10 apps will work on Windows tablets and even Windows Phone. (Screenshots/video here.)

Woody Leonhard's review of Windows 10 in Windows Secrets is here.

ICE Neighborhood Watch warning sign
Ira Wilsker: Free Smart Phone App from
ICE BlackBox May Enhance Personal Safety
One of the higher rated personal awareness and personal safety apps is ICE BlackBox, available for free for Android and Apple iOS devices.The acronym "ICE" means "In Case of Emergency." When activated, every few seconds, the ICE BlackBox sends audio, video, and your GPS location to a remote, secure ICE BlackBox server where the data becomes a permanent record. This is beneficial to users because if the phone is stolen or destroyed, the data remains secure on the remote server where the data can be retrieved by authorized users. (Read Ira Wilsker's complete article in PDF format.)
LG Ultra-Wide Monitor
NEW! LG Electronics Ships 21:9 Curved
UltraWide Monitor

LG Electronics claimed a "world's first" on October 1 with the release of its Curved UltraWide Monitor — 32.7 inches (diagonally) with 21:9 aspect ratio. LG indicated that this monitor could replace dual-monitor setups. The panel supports LG's 4-Screen Split technology, which allows the customer to divide the screen into four sections that support eight different ratios.