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Avast presentation, Q&A, and eating

Bob Gostischa , Avast evangelist, will tell you how Security is Everyone’s Business and Ignorance Leads to Computer Infection, Identity Theft or Worse at the meeting on Tuesday, January 13, 2015, 6 p.m., at Coco’s Bakery Restaurant, 1011 N. Harbor Blvd., in Fullerton, CA. Meetings end at 9 p.m. (Review of 2015 Avast - PDF.)


Please support Coco's by ordering a nice dinner or dessert and enjoy eating during the meeting. More info at

Do you know what two factor authentication is?

Two factor authentication is a mechanism for verifying identity that relies on two different types of things, both of which must be correct, in order to allow access.

The most common form of two-factor authentication adds something you have to the requirements – you must prove that you are in possession of something specific, something that is completely unique to you and of which there is only one, such as a key chain fob or Google Authenticator. Another factor that can be used is something you are, which typically boils down to facial recognition, fingerprint scanning or other biometric measurement. Continue reading this explanation by Leo Notenboom at this link

Photo credit: "CryptoCard two factor" by Brian Ronald - via Wikimedia Commons

2-factor authentication key
Awkward Selfie

The ultimate guide to better selfies

Snapping self portraits has become a global obsession. While it’s easier than ever to take good pictures of yourself, it’s all too easy to send the wrong (or a ridiculous) message. To ensure you’re a responsible and respectable member of the selfie generation, absorb the following advice.

How to secure your smartphone
Steps to secure your smartphone

If you're confused about what steps you should take to secure your smartphone, the FCC has a Smartphone Security Checker with a list of tips based on the operating system your phone has
Simply visit the site and choose your operating system, and the tool will generate a list of tips to boost your mobile security.

Astronaut Barry Wilmore with wrench made on 3D printer
NASA emails wrench to space station
Printer instructions to create a tool were emailed to astronauts on the International Space Station. They used them to make a wrench that they needed on their 3D printer. Previously, astronauts could have waited months for a requested too to be flown up on one of the regular supply flights.
COMPUTER users are Talking about...
DVD in drive in laptop

40 Vintage Computer Ads Of Yesteryears

Did you know that people used to be excited over ads promoting 10MB hard disks? Today 10 MB is the limit for an email attachment. In comparison, we can now carry 64 GB (that’s 64,000 MB) of information in a drive that is the size of our thumb! We’ve unearthed some retro computer ads to give you a firsthand look into what made the tech headlines before the age of keynote presentations, ultrabooks and tablets. You’ll never look at your gadgets the same way again. (Thanks to Darry D Eggleston)

Ira Wilsker: How to Recover a "Crashed" System, Windows 7 and 8
Yesterday I received a frantic phone call from a distraught individual. He had a fairly new Windows 7-64 desktop PC not covered by warranty, and it would not properly boot up. It would briefly show that manufacturer's splash screen, and then nothing else; the screen was black. After a period of time, the power saving feature appeared on the otherwise black screen and stated that the computer was going into hibernate mode. Nothing typical could bring the computer back to life; a full repeat of the "power on" cycle only produced a repetitive black screen and shutdown. The computer would not even boot into safe mode using the F8 key. (Click on the link below for Ira's entire column in PDF format.)
SCALE 13x at LA Hilton Airport
Linux for Learners!

Linux is a robust and secure operating system with a rich array of applications. The Southern California Linux Expo is once again providing those who want to start using Linux an opportunity to learn how. SCALE will provide a one-day Installfest + basic system administration class on Saturday February 21st. With this class you can be up and running with your own Linux computer by the end of the day!

No previous Linux experience is required for this class. Recommend bringing a desktop or laptop that can be dedicated to Linux. However, dual-boot installations can be accommodated. System requirements: At least 2 GB of RAM and at least 10GB of disc space that can be dedicated to Linux.

To register go to and select Training Class Special Event. Please arrive early to check in so you can be in the class at 9 a.m. on Saturday. (Thanks to Orv Beach)