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Members will discuss their computer questions and problems, and give help to each other on Tuesday, August 12, 2014, 6 p.m., at
Coco’s Bakery Restaurant, 1011 N. Harbor Blvd., in Fullerton. Meetings end at 9 p.m.


Please support Coco's by ordering a nice dinner or dessert and eat during the meeting.

Do you know what scareware is?

Scareware is a form of malware that is designed to scare you into taking some action that further damages or infects your computer or costs you money.

Most common forms of scareware display a list of infections supposedly on your computer and inform you that you need to purchase the "full version" to remove them. In fact, the infections are completely fake and are listed only to intimidate you into handing over money. Whether or not the software that you purchase actually does anything at all is debatable, but it's not uncommon for this program to then contain even more malware.

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Windows 8.1 Update #2 due on August 12
Windows 8.1 Update 2 public release is August 12. But, it won't be delivered automatically to MSDN subscribers until August 15. But, you can get the manual download sooner.
Huge user group will be gone in a few weeks
HAL-PC, one of the largest user groups in world and a founding member of APCUG, will soon close its office, APCUG reported. "HAL-PC failed to keep up with the times."
Smarty Pins

New! Google Maps

Smarty Pins game
Smarty Pins is a really fun geography game that combines Google Maps with trivia questions. Your job is to try and place your pin as closely to the correct answer as possible.
Computer users are talking about...
Leo Laporte
The Tech Guy with Leo Laporte
From computers, the internet, iPods, and cell phones to camcorders, digital cameras, gaming systems, and home theaters Leo Laporte provides entertaining tech talk that appeals to the inner geek in us all. The Tech Guy airs every weekend in over 170 cities in the US and Canada. See the complete station list to find the best time and station in a city near you.
WRT54G router
Q&A: Is There Life Beyond the WRT54G Series?
"I first got a WRT54GL in 2007. Now, 7 years later, it's still churning along, despite only having one of its antennae left after an encounter with a toddler. As it is simply not up to date to today's standards (802.11N for example), what is a worthy successor? I enjoyed the freedom to choose the firmware myself (I've run Tomato on it since 2008), in addition to its robustness. A replacement will be considered second-rate unless it catered for the same freedom as its predecessor."
tools in box
Underused tools hiding in Windows 7 and 8

Back in Windows’ younger and simpler days, its coders hid small programs, called Easter eggs, in the OS for others to find. Although Easter eggs are gone, here are some relatively hidden features in Win7/8 that users find helpful. (Answer 1 quick survey question to read article on Windows Secrets website.) Photo by Erik Strandberg